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» TITLE: Fiora le Requin Merik
» AGE: 17
» SEX: Female
» ORIENTATION: Pansexual (Well, she really likes fish. And octopi.)
» SKIN: Selkie
» FACECLAIM: The Selkie from FFCC | Regular Selkie from lore

Fiora is French, and very offbeat and strange, due to her lifestyle and how she was raised. She's a French Selkie, and an ex-student of Wuthering High. She visited and was drawn to a certain vampire who wore Fiora's pelt around her shoulders. By the end of the year, she had accidentally drowned a witch named Amethyst, witnessed a Fairy Court, and retrieved her pelt, allowing her to go back to the ocean.

In her human life, she lived in a small fishing village in France, where the people prayed and sacrificed to the ocean for a good year of fishing. Unknown to her, her mother was the one who brought the fish in with the tide, dressed in her pelt. Unlike most selkie, her mother wanted to raise Fiora on land instead of under water, and kept her own pelt in a locked chest. Growing up, Fiora didn't understand why she was drawn to the ocean in a way that most children weren't. When she found her mother's sealskin, her mother explained to her that they could control water and always had a longing to return to the ocean, but she controlled her longing to take care of Fiora on land. Like her mother, Fiora loved the Ocean and on her 16th birthday, found a pelt of her very own.

Unfortunately, this pelt was lost during a bad storm and ended up in the hands of a vampire named Serafina, who always wore it around her shoulders -- leaving Fiora to do whatever the Serafina wished. At the end of the year, by helping Leon and the rest of the Fairy Court, she retrieved her pelt, and dove back into the ocean, helping her mother bring in the fish with the tide for the village. Eventually the village grew into a full fishing port. 

Fiora travels the world using the ocean currents, eager to explore and experience life. An artist, she paints and sells her creations to send money to her parents. She is careful not to stay too long -- a selkie daughter's unforgettable eyes and melancholy personality is hard to forget -- and moves from place to place often when not at home.

Her english is passable, though sometimes she has the tendency to use odd metaphors that center around fish and undersea creatures. She is attracted to all sorts of things and expresses her love for people and creatures by hugging and kissing them. Fiora enjoys dancing and singing, and is optimistic and cheerful. Whenever she can visit, Fiora wishes to reunite with her old classmates and catch up.

In her most recent visit, Fiora went out with Leon, Esther and Sabrina to the nearby club called Sea Witch. She goes ice-skating with Esther but before they could go out onto the ice, they manage to see Lu ice skating, and while Fiora wants to call out to her, Esther stops her, saying that "Lu might get surprised and sprain her legs." instead of ice skating, they just walk along the seashore and have a cozy bonfire alongside Leon.

Dance with the Demon

Pop'n sense'n may I have this song
Before the world's end, shall we sing the un deux?
My heart, it's yours. Can you hear the beat?
No, no. Not yet. I won't forget how.
Oh my, look and see, what a lovely view!
There, there, the world's a monochrome highway.
Growl and creep, not a single piece will move.

Anyhow, it's dead. Nothing's going to change...