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» The Ball is powered by one Infinity Crystal, which functions as a battery, as well as the 'heart' of the machine. The Ball utilizes any dust that is poured into its'chamber for energy and fighting purposes.

» The Ball is programmed to follow Thaddeus, Lissandra and Eloie Lavender's commands.

» A fusion of Dust, mechanical gears and clockwork, The Ball is Eloie's focal point and catalyst for dust-related attacks. She paints glyphs on it, uses it to amplify her dust attacks, and sometimes makes The Ball large enough so that she can fit inside of it, though Eloie will be covered in dust when she crawls out of The Ball.

» The Ball responds to Eloie's aura, clicking and whirring when she looks at it, and crackling with energy when petted. If a complete stranger tries to touch The Ball outside of combat, they usually get static electricity or an extremely cold/hot surface. It's similar to Ash's Pikachu or a Ponyta: when you get Eloie's trust, you can touch The Ball without getting hurt. Otherwise, it's free-for-all. It's a Ball, not a pet... (I think.)

» The Ball is preloaded with energy beams instead of conventional guns, but Eloie rarely uses it as a gun, preferring to use dust. If properly executed, The Ball could become a spinning machine gun that spits out dust energy beams instead of dust bullets.

» The longer The Ball is in someone else's possession, the angrier Eloie gets. The angrier Eloie gets, the more powerful her dust affinity shows, and the farther she is from controlling it.

» Eloie could probably tinker around with The Ball, but her tinkering skills are mediocre at best. Her father built The Ball and she isn't comfortable with messing around with its' internal programming.

» The Ball can get angry. The Infinity Crystal can simulate the emotional aspects of life, but aside from that it stays as a regular machine. Eloie looks at it as a dust catalyst and a protector/pet of sorts, as that was the last thing her father taught her. She isn't interested enough in battle as of right now to check on what The Ball can do. (i.e. She never did get to find out what some of The Ball's special features were.)

» When in non-combat mode, The Ball is the size of a baseball, and it can grow as large as a bowling ball. Rubik's cube is medium-sized.

» If anyone else aside from Eloie tries to open up The Ball, they'd just find the mechanics and clockwork. The Crystal only responds to Eloie's aura. That was one of the major reasons why it took her father so long to build The Ball -- he wanted to make sure that nobody else could open it up. They're a possessive family that way.

Dance with the Demon

Pop'n sense'n may I have this song
Before the world's end, shall we sing the un deux?
My heart, it's yours. Can you hear the beat?
No, no. Not yet. I won't forget how.
Oh my, look and see, what a lovely view!
There, there, the world's a monochrome highway.
Growl and creep, not a single piece will move.

Anyhow, it's dead. Nothing's going to change...