eloie: the female heroine from amnesia, a girl with light brown hair and green eyes. (ocean selkie)
» TITLE: Fiora le Requin Merik
» AGE: 17
» SEX: Female
» ORIENTATION: Pansexual (Well, she really likes fish. And octopi.)
» SKIN: Selkie
» FACECLAIM: The Selkie from FFCC | Regular Selkie from lore

Fiora is French, and very offbeat and strange, due to her lifestyle and how she was raised. She's a French Selkie, and an ex-student of Wuthering High. She visited and was drawn to a certain vampire who wore Fiora's pelt around her shoulders. By the end of the year, she had accidentally drowned a witch named Amethyst, witnessed a Fairy Court, and retrieved her pelt, allowing her to go back to the ocean.

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eloie: (lu)
lu in her chilliarch outfit, a blue hoodie

Status, honor, power. I've lost everything.
Before the embers of my life go out.... will you...
...become my royal strength...?

» TITLE: Luciela "Lu" Rembrandt Chilliarch
» AGE: 18
» SEX: Female
» ORIENTATION: Heterosexual
» SKIN: Ice Queen
» GUARDIAN: [ Michael, The Angel ] | [ Ciel Noblesse ]
» FACECLAIM: Luciela R. Sourcream, from Elsword
Luciela "Lu" Chilliarch is a princess from a northern country (if not Denmark, then maybe one of the Viking or Slavic nations.) She was sent to Monster High at the suggestion of her guardian and bodyguard, Ciel Noblesse, in the hope that she would be taught how to control her ice powers.

Her family once consisted of her parents, herself and Ciel.

Only Ciel and herself are still alive.


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001: RWBY

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eloie: a side-view of the girl from Princess Tutu, Krahae, with short black hair (krahe)
"With my Ball, nothing is impossible!"

Eloie Lavender
Maybe I should have changed her name to Pink instead...

» TITLE: Heiress of Lavender Corp. (former) | huntress-in-training
» AGE: 17
» SEX: Female.
» ORIENTATION: Heterosexual
» WEAPON A: The Ball
» WEAPON B: Fencing Swords
» SEMBLANCE: Dust Manipulation
» OUTFITS:  Battle | Formal Party | Informal

Eloie is the adopted daughter of Thaddeus and Lissandra Lavender, who live in the kingdom of Atlas.

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Dance with the Demon

Pop'n sense'n may I have this song
Before the world's end, shall we sing the un deux?
My heart, it's yours. Can you hear the beat?
No, no. Not yet. I won't forget how.
Oh my, look and see, what a lovely view!
There, there, the world's a monochrome highway.
Growl and creep, not a single piece will move.

Anyhow, it's dead. Nothing's going to change...