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Jul. 27th, 2015 06:31 pm
eloie: (red riding hood)
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"I just want my grandmother back." said the little girl with the red hood. The wolves terrified her, and blood even more so. After being saved by The Storyteller, she asks if it can bring back her grandmother. The Storyteller merely replies:

"Child. I am a storyteller...I can only tell stories."

"Then tell me a story." The Storyteller always wore a hood, but the little girl saw the hint of a smile. The Storyteller gestured to a spot next to it in front of the campfire, and the little girl sat down, obediently.

"Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lost her grandmother -- who asked help from a passing stranger. While the stranger could not bring back the dead, I can...make sure that you become strong enough to make the werewolves pay." Intrigued, Red said softly, "I can kill them?"

The hooded figure's shoulders shook up and down, and it took awhile before she realized that the strange storyteller was laughing. "Of course you can...and so much more."

The forest began to grow quiet -- so quiet that only the girl's very heartbeat was heard. She doubted that the thing even had a heart. Then The Storyteller began to tell the girl tales. Tales of creatures that transformed into bats, strange creatures of utmost beauty that, when The Thirst struck, fed upon lifeblood.

The Storyteller's voice soothed the young girl, though the tales that came out from underneath the hood were ones of horrible things. Things that had no reflections in mirrors, that while unable to cross running water, were perfectly all right basking underneath the sun. It was at night that the power awakened.

"But...as a reminder of her past life, the young girl would carry the heart of her grandmother inside a wicker basket; and this heart would be the source of her power."

At the end of the story, The Storyteller looked down at the girl, who had fallen asleep. The Storyteller inspected the girl's teeth and smiled when it saw the long fangs. She would feed tonight. She had to.

The story said so.

Placing a fresh, red heart inside a wicker basket, The Storyteller covered it up with a blue picnic blanket, and placed a bottle of wine, a loaf of bread and a hunk of cheese inside of it. Props, of course, but these days--everything was for show. The girl would need to be convincing. She would be the little girl on her way to grandmother's house...

...asking for help from strangers who had lost their way.

The Storyteller doused the fire and covered the remains in ash, for another evening. No sense in getting the girl's body cold before it was time. Business accomplished, with a swish of the cloak, The Storyteller walked into what seemed to be a dead end, before raising a gloved hand. A pathway opened, and on The Storyteller went. It was hard to create worlds and people to live in them, but somebody had to do it.

The Castle was empty, and still needed a Queen. And one way or another, The Storyteller would find one.

"Just another day's work. I'll see you again sometime...Red."
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Dance with the Demon

Pop'n sense'n may I have this song
Before the world's end, shall we sing the un deux?
My heart, it's yours. Can you hear the beat?
No, no. Not yet. I won't forget how.
Oh my, look and see, what a lovely view!
There, there, the world's a monochrome highway.
Growl and creep, not a single piece will move.

Anyhow, it's dead. Nothing's going to change...