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Status, honor, power. I've lost everything.
Before the embers of my life go out.... will you...
...become my royal strength...?

» TITLE: Luciela "Lu" Rembrandt Chilliarch
» AGE: 18
» SEX: Female
» ORIENTATION: Heterosexual
» SKIN: Ice Queen
» GUARDIAN: [ Michael, The Angel ] | [ Ciel Noblesse ]
» FACECLAIM: Luciela R. Sourcream, from Elsword
Luciela "Lu" Chilliarch is a princess from a northern country (if not Denmark, then maybe one of the Viking or Slavic nations.) She was sent to Monster High at the suggestion of her guardian and bodyguard, Ciel Noblesse, in the hope that she would be taught how to control her ice powers.

Her family once consisted of her parents, herself and Ciel.

Only Ciel and herself are still alive.

Denmark was in the middle of a political war, and smack in the middle was Luciela, crown princess. Aided by Ciel, her loyal bodyguard, she was believed to be unstoppable -- especially when reports came that the young princess had a divine blessing from the holy nymph, Chione: the power to manipulate ice. The Chilliarchs have reigned for many generations, and remained in power because of their reputation: the family is just and righteous, beloved by their people.

Unfortunately, determined to break the Chilliarch reign, Arl Aesland, distant cousin of the Chilliarchs planted a young bard within the castle court, who became friends with Luciela. As the years passed, more spies were employed, until there were 6 who pledged their everlasting friendship to the young princess. In the midst of peace, Lu momentarily let her guard down. On her 17th birthday, in the dead of night, Castle Chilliarch was seized by Arl Aesland, and while the remaining men and women in the castle fight, Luciela herself fights her way towards the kitchen, where there was a secret tunnel that led away from the castle to a "safe place."

She finds her beloved bodyguard worse for wear, and he becomes gravely wounded.

Outraged, Lu is surrounded by Arl Aensland and 6 other individuals, whom she recognizes as powerful men and women of her court, who promised everlasting friendship. Overcome with anger, grief and betrayal, Luciela shouts:


There was a smile on her face as she watched the Arl and her 'friends' encased in ice, frozen in place for eternity.

Two of the surviving handmaidens found Lu holding onto Ciel, and trying to stop the bodyguard from bleeding to death. The three of them dragged Ciel through the tunnel, and into a hidden safe house away from the main castle, from the main city. Unfortunately, he died along the way, and unable to cope with this loss, she sought out help, and found it in the hands of a powerful witch, descended from the Spellman clan.

She bound Ciel's soul into another, stronger body summoned from the Nether, and so retains the appearance of a human -- and only remembers that Lu unleashed an ice storm that she couldn't undo, because of the extreme nature of her powers, and her lack of control.

Ciel becomes fearful of Lu's unpredictable powers, and tells her to go to Monster High, a school that claims to help control the uncontrollable. What he is really doing, however, is gathering forces to retake Castle Chilliarch. Despite the freezing of Arl Aensland, an evil force descended still upon the castle. He wishes her to be away from the castle and Denmark so that, in case he fails to retake the castle -- he knows that the last Chilliarch is still alive.

Lu appears now as a child, but still retains her 18 year-old mentality. Her 'adult' form paid the price of the freezing spell's success. When going into her darkest self, her 'adult' form can be seen, along with the anger that never disappeared. Her ice abilities are closely tied to her emotions -- the stronger the negativity, the stronger her powers. And unfortunately, only hurting the people she loves (or being hugged by the people she loves -- hard to do when holding her entire body when in her darkest self is as cold as having your tongue stuck to a pole.)

Luciela is quiet, intuitive and observant. Her experience with betrayal has left a scar so deep that she refuses to speak to many people, preferring to keep to herself as much as possible, keeping any and all persons at arm's length. When others make the effort to keep getting to know her, however, this warms Lu's heart and she may open up and cultivate a deep friendship -- though one that has serious repercussions if the end goal is just to use Lu, and throw her away afterwards.

She enjoys music, and plays the violin -- though now she is practicing the drums. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the ice rink, or spending time with Michael, her polite classmate who teaches her how to avoid the less-cultured people, otherwise known as mongrels. He manages to get Ciel's permission to become her guardian while she is in Monster High.

A bit of an eccentric, Lu loves mysteries and ghosts, and is tickled at having D, a friend whom nobody else sees on Fangbook but herself. [ooc: i think everybody just loves to go with 'this girl is nuts' whenever she defends D's existence.] She often texts and pms him on Fangbook, and asks him for advice, as well as leaving him food whenever she decides to buy or make some. When voted as class representative, she does her work quickly, usually alongside Esther, the other class representative.

Esther and Lu's friendship is strained, though deep inside Lu believes that a "person who plays such lovely music couldn't possibly be bad." She gives Esther quick, friendly glances in the hallways before walking on, but mostly sees their friendship now as strictly professional. She only asks Esther about class rep business, and nothing else -- though she can be seen telling Esther on Fangbook to stop being sad, and even praising her whenever Esther posts links to piano pieces that she records herself.
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Dance with the Demon

Pop'n sense'n may I have this song
Before the world's end, shall we sing the un deux?
My heart, it's yours. Can you hear the beat?
No, no. Not yet. I won't forget how.
Oh my, look and see, what a lovely view!
There, there, the world's a monochrome highway.
Growl and creep, not a single piece will move.

Anyhow, it's dead. Nothing's going to change...